ByBozo Joker

Code: 506
Volume Code Price Quantity Buy
75 ml.
140.00 €
15 ml.
48.00 €
Manufacturer: Paul Emilien

Groups: Floral, Oriental
The top notes are: Caramel, Tobacco, Berries, Orange
The middle notes are: Lily, Orchid, Tuberose
The base notes are: Vanilla, Patchouli, Oriental notes

Bybozo Joker: villain or madman? How much you use decides everything! A dark evening. Thick caramel topped off with red berries. An unripe orange laughs ironically... and the next thing you know... there's notes of tobacco! Oh, how this Joker, like a werewolf, turns his shadowy side towards you and laughs! He's tricked you. He doesn't smoke. It's patchouli! It disappears at midnight, leaving notes of tuberose, exotic orchids, and the whitest lilies. A sinner, magician, or a pretender? A veil of vanilla will drape itself over your soul and will remind you of its existence with the scent of wood oil. Loud, brave, unforgettable.

ByBozo Joker ByBozo Joker